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Grave of James Paxton Karrakatta 1950 234067pd
Grave of James Paxton Karrakatta 1950

Cemetery records are useful for locating deaths in certain areas. The records listed in this section are mainly Cemetery Board records as distinct from listings of headstones compiled by various members of FamilyHistoryWA (Western Australian Genealogical Society). For more information please see PR 2640 and the FamilyHistoryWA Indexes

Also check headings Births, Burials or Deaths & Marriages in Government Archival Records and Births, Deaths & Marriages, Cemeteries and Church Records in Private Archives.

Burial registers can contain information such as dates of burial and death, name, age, last residence, occupation, by whom ceremony performed, cause of death, religion, undertaker, location in cemetery, number of grave and allotment.





  • AU WA S733 CONS 4023/1-2: Geraldton Cemetery Board. Registers of Burials in Geraldton Cemetery 1930-1990
    They show tablet number, name, address, age, date, location in cemetery, denomination, officiating minister, undertaker, permit number and remarks (such as returned soldier, Aboriginal person, still-born). In Volume 1, following page 119, extra pages have been inserted to continue entries from May 1963-1967. These inserted entries are repeated in Volume 2. Folios 122-137 of Volume 1 document the register of grants 1948-1958 showing name, grant number, location. Folios 120-121 are missing so the register begins with number 65. There is a loose leaf photocopy of a plan of the cemetery at the front of Volume 1.
  • AU WA S772 CONS 4416/1: Geraldton Cemetery Board. Index to Geraldton Burials Register 1930-1990
    Entries are arranged alphabetically showing name of deceased and burial registration number. The registration number corresponds with entries in the Burial Registers.


  • ACC 1288/3: Greenmount Road Board. Cemetery Register




Upper Preston


  • AU WA S958 CONS 4599/1: Shire of Wiluna. Burial Register 1898-1992
    This can give number, name, age, last place of abode, place where death occurred, date when death occurred, date of burial, name of person officiating at the ceremony, denominational ground, depth of grave, any previous burials in grave, undertaker's name.