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East Perth Cemetery c1940 004512d
East Perth Cemetery c1940

Cemetery records can be useful for locating deaths in certain areas. The records listed in this section are mainly Church records as distinct from listings of headstones compiled by various members of FamilyHistoryWA (Western Australian Genealogical Society) (see PR 2640 and Western Australian Genealogical Society Indexes ).

Also see headings Births, Deaths and Marriages, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Church Records and Funeral Directors. Burial registers can contain information such as dates of burial and death, name, age, last residence, occupation, by whom ceremony performed, cause of death, religion, undertaker, location in cemetery, number of grave and allotment etc.


ACC 3271A/4: Numerical list of 92 graves at Australind Cemetery (not all named)
Ten families are represented among the named graves, of which 18 are of the Clifton Family, including the 15 children of Marshall Waller Clifton born 1812-1835. Also an alphabetical list of 35 people buried in named graves 1842-1971 together with dates of births and deaths and/or age at death.


ACC 3461A/3: List of Japanese deaths at Broome Cemetery 1896-1905
Contains 122 deaths with name, cause of death, profession and witnesses.


ACC 3271A/1: Alphabetical list of 64 people buried in marked graves at Christ Church, Mandurah 1845-1960
Provides dates of births and deaths and/or age at death.

Mount Barker

ACC 3271A/6: List of 8 people buried at St Werburgh’s Church, Mount Barker
Most of the Egerton-Warburton family.


ACC 3271A/2: Alphabetical list of 144 people buried in marked graves at St John’s Church, Pinjarra 1844-1962
Provides dates of births and deaths and/or age at death.

ACC 3466A/1: List of named graves in Pinjarra Cemetery 1867-1981
Includes name, age and date of death.

ACC 3466A/2: Records of deaths from Murray Shire Council 1904-1982
Includes name, grave number in Pinjarra Cemeteries, denomination, age and date of death.


ACC 3271A/5: Alphabetical list of 53 people buried in marked graves in Rockingham (now East Rockingham) Cemetery 1866-1972
Provides dates of births and deaths and/or age at death.


ACC 3271A/3: List of members of the Piggott and Reading families buried in marked graves in Springhill Cemetery 1892-1939 with inscriptions


ACC 1993A: Yalgoo Cemetery Board. Burial Register 1896-1968

Also see headings Births, Burials or Deaths and Marriages and Cemeteries in Government Archival Records.