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Liebe's Farm, Wubin c1928 211049pd
Liebe's Farm, Wubin c1928

  • CONS 4594/1-7: Agriculture Department. Card Index of Growers
    From seasons 1928/29-1936/37 growers are listed in alphabetical order with name, address, type of crop, acreage planted and bushels delivered. From 1937/38-1946/47 growers are listed in alphabetical order within 20 growing districts - same information given.

The Agriculture Department also produced a series of Stock Brand Registers for 1882-1981. These list earmarks and brands allocated for the identification of livestock. Details include number, brand, earmark, name of owner, name of run or farm, where brands are to be used, postal address, date of registration and remarks. Listings of registers can be located in AN 82/19-20, Record Series 948, Record Series 966 and Record Series 1058.

Stock Brand lists for 1853-1885 can be located in the Government Gazette of Western Australia.