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Mining Accidents

The Mines Department has a card index of mining accidents covering 1909 to the mid-1980s. After that period they have been entered onto a computer database. The Police Gazette of Western Australia sometimes list deaths in mines under the heading inquests - usually date of death and inquest, name of mine and Goldfield, cause of death are provided. The Museum of the Goldfields in Kalgoorlie has a list of miners killed on the Golden Mile. Other records located are:


  • ACC 1366/62: Collie Courthouse. Collie Coal Miners Accident Relief Fund Register of Accidents 1918-1940
    Name, date of accident, nature of injury, name of mine.

Mount Margaret

  • ACC 1456/57-59: Mount Margaret Courthouse. Mining accident registers 1906-1931
    Provides name of mine, date of accident, name of accident victim, type of accident and whether fatal, serious or minor, nature of injury and cause of accident.

North Coolgardie

  • ACC 1456/60: North Coolgardie Courthouse. Mining accident register 1906-1918
    Provides date of accident, name of mine, name of accident victim, whether fatal, serious or minor, class of accident, circumstances and remarks.

Also check heading Mining Accidents in Private Archives.