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There have been many abbreviations used in this online book. Listed below is a glossary of abbreviations used.

AAD Aboriginal Affairs Department
ACC Accession Number - Government and Private Archives
AFFHO Australian Federation of Family History Organisations
AJCP Australian Joint Copying Project
AN Archive Note
AWM Australian War Memorial

BI Biographical Index

CN Cartographic Note
CO Colonial Office
COMAP Checklist of Manuscripts Awaiting Processing
CONS Consignment Number
CSO Colonial Secretary's Office

DIA Department of Indigenous Affairs

FFHS Federation of Family History Societies

HO Home Office

MN Manuscript Note

NEW GI New General Index

OCC Occurrence Book

PR Printed Reference
PRO Public Record Office

RM Resident Magistrate

SDO Survey Department Official (Letterbooks)
SDSR Survey Department Surveyors Received
SDUR Survey Department Unofficial Received (Settlers)
SFA State Film Archives
SFVL State Film and Video Library
SLWA State Library of Western Australia
SRO State Records Office
SRS Series Registration System

WAA Western Australian Agency
WABI Western Australian Biographical Index
WAGR Western Australian Government Railways
WAGS Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc.
WAMI Western Australian Marriage Index
WAS Western Australian Series