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  1. CCIWA is a not for profit organisation with membership open to Western Australian businesses of any size, and is an influential lobby group and source of contacts for members
  2. Provides information about Business Name Registration. It explains how to register, obtain details of an already registered business (an Extract), and how proprietors can renew their registration online.
  3. An annotated bibliography and guide to the indigenous languages of part of Western Australia. Information on individual languages can be found via a geographic, alphabetic, or language family index. The production and publication of the printed…
  4. In response to Recommendation 23 of the Bringing them Home Report the Western Australian Government established a Records Task Force to identify, locate and preserve records associated with Aboriginal people. This guide is the culmination of th…
  5. The South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC) is a representative body of the Noongar people, the traditional owners of the South West of Australia. SWALSC works with its members to find resolution for native title claims as well as adva…
  6. The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet makes comprehensive, up-to-date information accessible to people interested in the health of Indigenous Australians. It provides a range of resources. Information is available on data sources, current resear…
  7. Albany based blog providing broad commentary on Indigenous issues and local Noongar langauages.
  8. Created and maintained by David Nathan, Endangered Languages Project by theSchool of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, (and formerly University of Tsukuba, Japan and University of Sydney). The Aboriginal Languages of Australia Vi…
  9. Organisation representing 29 independent Aboriginal Schools in Western Australian and profiling their work and objectives.
  10. Guide to official records for aboriginal family history research. Few records are available online; it mainly tells the user where to find information at SRO.
  11. Information about researching Aboriginal family history with contact details for the Family Information Records Bureau
  12. Information on researching Aboriginal family history from the State Library of Western Australia
  13. This site provides a detailed list of where to locate Aboriginal records for Western Australia it was put together in 2004 by the Department of Community Development.
  14. Map based searching, ability to purchase property sales information, title and survey information, maps and aerial photography.
  15. Landgate is the Statutory Authority responsible for Western Australia’s land and property information. As an Authority Landgate maintains the State’s official register of land ownership and survey information and is responsible for valuing the St…
  16. Brilliant site with historical information and photographs of Western Australia's cinemas and drive-ins.
  17. Only a small number of unique WA plants and animals are covered in this State Government site.
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  19. Full text of Western Australian legislation.

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