Wangkiny Nyungar (the language of the Nyungar)


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State Library Theatre - Ground Floor

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In this workshop for the Disrupted Festival, we will be engaging in a critical conversation, thinking about how the language of the Nyungar has sustained in its own right. Examples of how Nyungar has influenced English will be examined. During this engagement, opportunities for participants to listen and experiment within the conversation will be encouraged. 
Kya Kya this is the boodjar or land of the Nyungar or people. In this workshop Katatjiny or knowledge science will be expressed and explained for one and all. 

Ngulluckiny or we will be engaging in a process to explain concepts of normal Nyungar language or wangka, as key terms that can be used in the modern engagements by all who wish to gather communication skills and day to day yarns. 

For example hello, goodbye etc. Participants will have a chance to discuss why our wangka or our language sustains and also has influenced the colonial language of English. Yarn up examples of how Nyungar wangka has influenced and colonised English into what I (Len Collard) would describe as south West Australian. 

The workshop will consist of a conversational or yarning approach encouraging participants to have a go at saying the phrases or words and sentences in Nyungar. 

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