Sze Tsang Corridors of Blissterday


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Discovery Lounge - Ground Floor
State Library Level 1

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The State Library, in collaboration with West Australian Music (WAM), presents a live performance of new works by sound artist Sze Tsang/Samarobryn. 

Sze's project will transform the State Library's map collections into interactive virtual instruments using the IanniX software application. Visual information from the maps is translated into sounds and interactive virtual instruments.

Maps of Clarkson, the Swan Coastal Plain, the Blackwood River and other bodies of water are reinterpreted, with lines and points becoming pathways and triggers for sonic phenomena. Field recordings from places on the maps are weaved into the resulting compositions. 

This unique performance will be presented in the State Library's Discovery Lounge and Level 1 balcony, with sound cast into the void adjacent to the main stairwell. Live video projection of the IanniX software will give the audience an opportunity to witness the State Library's collections being translated into an ever-changing sonic landscape in real-time, creating an exciting and innovative performance that marries history and technology in a new hybrid form. 

Produced as part of the Corridors of Blissterday initiative, which provided the opportunity to reinterpret the State Library collections in the creation of new work. The piece will be presented as part of WAMFest, offering a range of live music across the Perth Cultural Centre on Saturday, 5 November. 

These works also align with Sze's PhD studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), where they are investigating the relationship between the environment and the sonic arts. 


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