Izzy Exhibition of Abraham 'Izzy' Orloff's photographs

Ground Floor Gallery
Free exhibition, no tickets required

See a curated selection of photographs and experience interwar (1918-1939) Perth and Fremantle through the lens of photographer Abraham 'Izzy' Orloff. 

Between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II, interwar was a period of intense social and ideological upheaval. In this exhibition, Orloff's rich collection of photographs reveals glimpses of Fremantle's public and private lives during this time.

Orloff was a much-loved community figure who worked as a professional studio and press photographer. He had an exceptional eye for human subjects in panoramic streetscapes, architecture and maritime arrivals. He examined Perth's social, domestic, and political spheres through a distinct worldview shaped by his experiences growing up in Ukraine and Palestine and as a Jewish migrant coming to Western Australia. 

Izzy education trail downloadable activity. Self-guided trail designed so that, once you have made your way through the exhibition, you will go back and look at the photographs more closely.


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Choose between virtual or in person tours of the Izzy exhibition. This tour traces the development of Izzy’s unique photographic style and considers the artistic importance of his work.
Around one million images make up the Pictorial Collection including photographs, postcards, slides, albums, glass negatives, illustrations and art works.
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