Saturday 07 November 2020 10:00AM to Saturday 13 March 2021 05:00PM
The Nook

What will the future city look like? Where will people live? How will they get around, and what will they do for fun? Futurescape is a series of activity based installations that encourage participants to imagine future Perth. Futurescape is especially for children and designed in collaboration with Elliot Langdon and Tom McKendrick, creators of the book Built Perth, (Fremantle Press, 2019).

Futurescape - Mini Museum
The Storyplace Gallery, Mezzanine Floor
Libraries and museums have stories and artefacts that tell us about how people have lived in the past, as well as the present. What artefacts will be collected by museums and libraries in the future? Where will people live? How might the be city be powered? What will happen to things like rubbish? Explore these curious questions and add your own future artefact to the display.

Futurescape - Paper Perth
The Nook, Ground Floor
For decades urban planners and designers have visualized what cities could look like in the future. Taking their designs as inspiration, create a future Perth city scene. What will the city look like and how will it be designed? Become a paper architect and cut, paste and illustrate to create your scene. Play with the giant greenspace floor puzzle.

Futurescape - Future Skies
Midwest Room, Mezzanine Floor
Flying cars? Hovercrafts? Jet boots? How will people get around in the future? In this digital art media installation by coder and designer Steve Berrick, draw, colour and see your creation brought to life through projected animation.