Disrupted Tuesdays - The Right to Die

Tuesday 25 May 2021 06:00PM to 07:30PM
State Library Theatre

Disrupted Festival is changing. The uncertainty brought by COVID-19 has meant that we have decided to reinvent how we present Disrupted, at least for 2021. This year Disrupted will initially be delivered through a series of free monthly talks. Later in the year the State Library will explore whether we can host a one day event, similar to the Disrupted Festivals of the past. 

The Right to Die - discussion

On 10 December 2019, Western Australia became the second state in the country to legalise voluntary assisted dying for the terminally ill – a historic moment that was years in the making.

In mid-2021, following the end of an 18-month implementation period, terminally ill adults living in Western Australia who are experiencing intolerable suffering that is likely to cause death in six months, or twelve months for neurodegenerative conditions, will be able to take a drug to end their lives with the approval of two medical practitioners.

This conversation will take a look at the issue from multiple perspectives. What does the new legislation look like in practice? How will the process of voluntary assisted dying be safeguarded? What do these changes mean for terminally ill Western Australians and their families?

This conversation takes a look at the recent changes to legislation regarding voluntary assisted dying, which are due to be implemented by mid-2021. The panel discussion looks at the issue from multiple perspectives – doctors, family members and legislators. What will the introduction of voluntary assisted dying mean for Western Australians?

Speakers: Cathy Henkel, Rita Alfred-Saggar, Samar Aoun, Scott Blackwell, Belinda Teh

Brought to you in partnership with The Centre for Stories.

This event will be Auslan interpreted and live streamed.

FREE event. Bookings reccommneded.