Linda Savage

Linda Savage has, throughout her working life, focused on law reform and the rights of women and children. She is a former Director of the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Member of Parliament, and was the Inaugural Convener of the Valuing Children Initiative.

In 2010 she was named Woman Lawyer of the Year and in 2018 she was appointed as an Ambassador for Children and Young People.

She is currently on the Boards of the National Drug Research Institute, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Board, the Australian Council on Children & the Media and Upswell Publishing. 

What Stands in the Way of Gender Equity?

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Back in 2006, Australia stood 15th in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report, which ranks countries based on gender equality. By 2021 we slipped down to 50th. Join us for a provocative discussion on what it’ll take to reach gender parity in the next thirty years.
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26 May 2022