Disrupted Festival of Ideas 2022 Sat 18 – Sun 19 June 2022

Welcome to the State Library's 8th annual Disrupted Festival of Ideas. This year's festival explores the theme of honesty and truth, which come at a cost. Honesty takes great strength, and truth can be challenging and liberating.  

There are conversations many would prefer not to have and realities that challenge perception. There is recognition that one person's truth may not align with that of another and that there are universal truths that cannot be avoided. There is awareness that honesty and sharing your story can come at a personal cost. Your truth can impact relationships, reset your life and impact the lives of others. Conforming to societal norms and not challenging the status quo can also impact your physical well-being and mental health.  

All sessions in the State Library Discovery Lounge will be Auslan interpreted and live streamed on the State Library YouTube channel. All sessions are FREE and no booking is required (excluding Death Cafe - booking TBC). Please keep an eye on the State Library website and social media for updates. 

Keynote Speakers

Kado Muir is an First Nations Australian artist, anthropologist and Indigenous rights activist based in Leonora WA. He is a cultural leader and senior knowledge holder of the Ngalia dialect group of Mantjiltjara language group, with traditional connection to country to the northwest of Leonora.
Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla is an internationally recognised materials scientist, engineer, and inventor revolutionising recycling science. Winner of 2022 NSW Australian Of The Year, an founder of the world’s first e-waste micro-factory and plastics micro-factory.
Tom Tilley has become Australia’s leading voice in current affairs for young people. Throughout his media career with Triple J’s Hack program and podcast The Briefing, he’s interviewed some of the most influential people in the world. Tom recently released his captivating autobiography “Speaking In Tongues”.



What Are We Investing In?
Kado Muir presents an alternative perspective on what constitutes 'wealth', how it might better be created and how ancient future investment might better inform the health of our economy; for the long run, for all Australians, and in "the best interests of the State".
Elders Len Collard, a world leader in traditional placenaming, and Geri Hayden, lead facilitator of Community Arts Network’s (CAN) Noongar Place Names program, will host a unique workshop which takes participants on a deeper dive into Noongar language and culture.
What Stands in the Way of Gender Equity?
Back in 2006, Australia stood 15th in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report, which ranks countries based on gender equality. By 2021 we slipped down to 50th. Join us for a provocative discussion on what it’ll take to reach gender parity in the next thirty years.
What does a good death look like? Should we plan our own deaths? And how do current issues like the global pandemic, loneliness, and inequality influence the ways we die and cope with loss? Hear from a panel of ‘death experts’, facilitated by palliative care advocate Rita Alfred-Saggar.
Live discussion and improvised composition, with CLAUDIO, will dive deep into the perfect correlation between artistry as a means to wellbeing; and the courage to see beyond what we think we know of ourselves. 
(the language of the Nyungar)
Engage in a critical conversation, thinking about how the language of the Nyungar has sustained in its own right. Examining how Nyungar has influenced English. Participants will be encouraged to listen and experiment within the conversation.
Join us for a frank and honest discussion about aging in today’s world, staying visible and being heard. We all get older (or at least we aim to), but what does that mean in terms of working, living, environment, artists and societal expectations?
We’re DEAD serious about coffee, cake and ending taboos on death! If you’ve ever wanted to discuss death in a welcoming, friendly space over afternoon tea, join our ‘In the Ground Death Café’ to meet new people whose ideas on death may challenge or excite a curious mind.


As a journalist Tom Tilley has probed for truth in all areas of society, now he’s revealing his own. Born into a Pentecostal sect, Tom began to doubt its most sacred belief. Honesty came with a devastating cost, but this life affirming story offers hope for anyone questioning the truth in their own life.
The Future of the Yindjibarndi and the Pilbara
How did the Yindjibarndi people, the traditional custodians of land rich in iron-ore deposits, take down a multi-billion dollar mining company? And what will happen next? Join us in hearing from Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation CEO, Michael Woodley, and Paul Cleary, journalist and best-selling author of the book Title Fight.
We know the world needs to change – but what do we do about it, and how can young people make their voice heard? Whether it’s climate action, mental health or trans rights – whatever your passion, this session offers a crash course in advocacy, activism and how to bring about the change you want to see in the world.
Explore the impact of culture, recycling and the circular economy on Australian fashion. What happens when the fashionistas buck the trends, go out on their own and focus on sustainable futures?
Protecting our rights online
Digital technologies are becoming part of our everyday lives. But with these increases in connectivity, convenience, and efficiency come many risks to our privacy, security, and safety online. In this session, we will explore some of the ethical questions about modern digital technologies and consider how they can create risks, cause harm, and undermine our rights online.
In Conversation with Dr Yumiko Kadota and Dr Jenny Brockis
'Burnout' we know the affliction has long existed in society, but why is it getting worse? Dr Yumiko Kadota and Dr Jenny Brockis provided lived experiences and detailed research in their writings into the condition. They join together for an honest and open in conversation.
Hear from Chemutai Glasheen, Afeif Ismail, and Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes contributors of Unlimited Futures, as they speak with Rafeif Ismail about the stories they wished existed when they were growing up and what inspired them to write their pieces in this new anthology.
SMaRT technologies and MICROfactories creating products from waste
We can start a new ‘green materials’ revolution and advance Australian manufacturing, be more sustainable and create new jobs. Professor Veena Sahajwalla explores how we can take so called “end of life” waste products and reform them into materials for remanufacturing.


The 2022 Disrupted Festival of Ideas will be an in person event and partially streamed live on the State Library YouTube channel. You can watch previous Disrupted live streams on the State Library YouTube channel and find playlists from 2019, 2020 featuring Stan Grant, Disrupted Tuesdays 2021 and the Disrupted Supergroup band reimagining the best of WA music. 

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