Creativity as an essential & innate quality of human wellness

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State Library Theatre - Ground Floor

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Creativity is not a binary gift that explicitly makes us “creative or not”. It is a capacity innate within us all. It is the process by which we come to know ourselves and design our lives accordingly. It is determinate of our human experience whether or not we see it as such. 

What if it was fully within our control to look at what was blocking our relationship to self-expression - in exactly the same way we use therapy to understand the blocks in our human relationships ? What if we could “de-block” at will and gain access to our most satisfying version of self? Or art ? or life experience? 

CLAUDIO explores the power of peaking behind the curtain of the subconscious to enhance her life as both a songwriter and a human  - and how she as an artist is able to create stunning compositions that are shaped by and in turn, shape her human experience. 

This live discussion and improvised composition will dive deep into the perfect correlation between artistry as a means to wellbeing; and the courage to see beyond what we think we know of ourselves. 

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