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A preview event for the Limen ‘At the Fence’ exhibition especially for Indigenous community members. This exhibition and community preview are presented by Curtin University School of Design and Built Environment in partnership with Bringing Them Home WA, BHP Billiton Pty Ltd, and the State Library of Western Australia. The participating Survivors and their families, along with the curators, will be present at this special event where attendees will be able to preview the exhibition prior to its opening.

Over the course of the twentieth century until the 1970s, Aboriginal children in Australia were forcibly taken or sent from their families and Country into institutional care. It was believed that removing children from the influence of Aboriginal culture and confining them to institutions was ‘for their own good’.

The loss of language and culture, family and belonging has induced traumas that are at the root of many ongoing problems facing Stolen Generations Survivors and their families today. Limen – ‘At the Fence’ is an exhibition that recreates charged moments from mission life in Western Australia and offers a shared space to engage with the Survivors, to hear their stories at the place where they spent their childhood feeling lost, isolated, traumatised and stolen.

The exhibition aims to encourage empathy, provides an alternative view of the Stolen Generations experience, and holds a hope that Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Australia will hold hands and cross over the fence.

Limen – ‘At the Fence’ allows us to listen and learn from the stories of Edith De Giambattista (nee Smith), Tonji Hansen and Tim Flowers. The exhibition has been led by the Survivors and curated by Professor Reena Tiwari, Chamila Subasinghe and Emeritus Professor John Stephens.

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