After Title Fight The Future of the Yindjibarndi and the Pilbara


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How did a modern-day David beat a modern-day Goliath? How did the Yindjibarndi people, the traditional custodians of land rich in iron-ore deposits, take down a multi-billion dollar mining company in a famous court case, when the odds were stacked against them? And what will happen next? 

Brought to you by the Centre for Stories, join us in hearing the incredible stories of resilience, determination and leadership from Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation CEO, Michael Woodley, alongside Paul Cleary, journalist and best-selling author of the book Title Fight, which explores the Yindjibarndi people’s 13-year battle to assert their spiritual connection to Country. 

In this special Disrupted event, facilitator Robert Wood (author, activist and Creative Director of the Centre for Stories) will ask Michael and Paul to reflect on the politics of the Pilbara, their personal stories, and where First Nations  people and knowledge will take our country next. 

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