Working Groups

Five working groups have been created to progress the actions of the Literacy Strategy, Literacy Matters. The working groups are comprised of members of the Literacy Alliance, as well as other people working in the literacy space.


The aim of this working group is to identify literacy programs that can be supported to become examples of best practice. While the remit for this working group is birth to 15 years, our current focus is on children aged 5-11. We have recently undertaken a mapping of library literacy programs for this age range, with a goal of creating guiding principles to assist public libraries and other literacy service providers with their planning for programs and services.

Members are from the Department of Education, City of Mandurah libraries, WA Primary Principals Association, Think Childcare Ltd, The Smith Family and the State Library.


This working group strives to improve literacy related services for young people. It seeks to better understand what prevents some young people from connecting with services which might help them improve their literacy skills. It also plans to develop and trial new literacy services, once it is understood what young people need, want and are able to access.

Current members include the Fogarty Foundation, Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation and State Library.

Literacy and the Correctional System

The primary objective of this group is to support the literacy needs of prisoners and their families as they transition back into mainstream society. Opportunities for collaboration with several prisons are being pursued.

Members are from City of Melville libraries, the Department of Training and Workforce Development, the Department of Justice, Curtin AHEAD, Soroptimists International South Perth, Read Write Now, Outcare and the State Library.


Key objectives of the Literacy Alliance include the cross-promotion of existing literacy related services and resources delivered by Alliance members and promotion of the importance of literacy to the public. This working group will pursue these objectives through forums celebrating literacy success stories and providing access to a broad suite of literacy related resources, services and events, to service providers as well as the general public.

Members of this group include the City of Perth Library, Read Write Now, the Australian Library and Information Association and the State Library.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

This working group aims to collaborate with organisations working with Western Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the literacy space. A partnership is being pursued with NSW Aboriginal not for profit organisation, Literacy for Life Foundation, to pilot their highly successful Yes I Can program in Western Australia. Karratha or Roebourne are potential locations for the pilot, which may lead to a program that can be rolled out to other remote communities.

Current members of the group include the Polly Farmer Foundation, the Department of Education and the State Library.

Last updated on: 5 December 2019