About Us

The ability to read and write underpins everything we do, every day. Reading and writing with accuracy, fluency and confidence enables us to be productive, informed and engaged, and to actively participate in an increasingly complex, digitally connected society. A literate community is strong and inclusive, where individuals and families are informed, aspirational, engaged, healthy and connected.

Literacy in Australia

In Western Australia, 17% of five year old children are developmentally vulnerable or at risk in their language and cognitive skills (Australian Early Development Census, 2015). While Australia has a higher than average number of people with excellent levels of literacy proficiency, there remain significant proportions of the adult population whose literacy skills are poor. Nationwide, 12.6% of adults struggle to paraphrase or form low level inferences, and a further 31% cannot interpret lengthy or dense texts (OECD PIACC, 2013). This affects their ability to successfully read, navigate and complete a range of texts they could expect to interact with daily, such as complex forms, newspapers, contracts and multi-step instructions.

Who Are We?

The Western Australian Literacy Alliance is a collaboration of government and non-government organisations providing services and resources to support the ongoing development of literacy for all Western Australians. 

Our aim is to achieve the goals of the State Library of Western Australia’s Literacy Strategy Literacy Matters, through the implementation of our Action Plan.

The Alliance’s primary focus is on the ongoing development of reading and writing, which forms the foundation of higher level literacy skills. Our vision is to ensure that all Western Australians appreciate the value of literacy for learning and living throughout life and are able to access literacy related programs, services and resources.

The State Library of Western Australia is the backbone organisation of the Alliance and is proud to take a leadership position in championing the role of libraries in the ongoing development and maintenance of literacy for all Western Australians.



Last updated on: 19 April 2021