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From Another View

This exhibition by the State Library of Western Australia, in partnership with the Minderoo Foundation considers the legacy of John Forrest’s 1874 trek in shaping Western and South Australian exploration history.

State Library staff travelled through Western Australia and talked to Yamaji, Martu and Yarnangu/Aṉangu/Yaṉangu peoples about explorers walking through Country. Yarnangu/Aṉangu/Yaṉangu are all one group just different ways of saying it in three different languages.

From Another View considers those voices and aims to contextualise Aboriginal peoples' understanding of Country with those of the explorers.

This exhibition is supported by a self-guided trail and educator's guide (PDF 331KB).

The exhibitions span three sites: The State Library (7 May – 19 July 2019), Gallery Central, North Metro TAFE (30 May – 22 June 2019) and Museum of Geraldton (1–26 July 2019). Gallery Central and the Museum of Geraldton will host the creative responses to exploration and living on Country, and include Queensland artist Bill Gannon and Aboriginal Creative Fellows from Yamaji Country, Western Desert and Ngaanyatjarra Lands.

More and More and More

Henry Harper loves collecting. One day, while out finding treasures, he discovers Kate. She loves to collect, too! Together Henry and Kate amass an amazing amount of stuff before discovering that the most valuable thing they’ve ever found is each other. Explore illustrations from Ian Mutch’s new picture book More and More and More (Fremantle Press).

This environmentally friendly fable about the perils of over consumption calls for a realignment of our priorities from products to people.  This exhibition is supported by a self-guided trail and educator's guide (PDF 620KB).

Swan River Colony City Walking Trail

Heritage Perth and the State Library of Western Australia have collaborated to produce this downloadable Swan River Colony City Walking Trail (PDF 3.8MB).

We hope you enjoy this walk exploring Perth’s colonial heritage. The walk can begin at the Supreme Court Gardens and end at the State Library of Western Australia, or be done in reverse. Allow an hour to complete this walk comfortably. This trail is an introduction to the history of the area from colonisation in 1829 to the early 20th Century and provides links for further study. The State Library of Western Australia preserves maps, photographs and documentation recording the history of Western Australia and provides free workshops for school students to develop historical investigation skills. To book a workshop, speak to an education officer on (08)9427 3202, complete the online form, or email your request to ed@slwa.wa.gov.au.  HASSchat links and other resources can be found on the Heritage Perth Learning Portal.

The development of this walking trail is proudly supported by The City of Perth.

Language Resources

The State Library collects Western Australian materials, such as newspapers, oral histories and ephemera, in languages other than English. Teacher resources have been developed based on these heritage collections for use by language teachers. The resources suggest learning activities that use materials from the State Library’s collections, which support language development and understanding of different cultural groups in Western Australia.


Prolific Western Australian artist Robert Juniper created a series of artworks in the 1970’s for a children’s book called Mason Judy, written by Trevor Todd. Now the artworks and the story have been digitised by the State Library of Western Australia for a new generation to enjoy. Access the related education program, featuring  discussion points, facts and information and activities for use in the classroom.

Very Big, Very Small, Very Strange

Curious and unexpected treasures from the State Library's collections are brought together to encourage visitors to unleash their imaginations to answer questions such as ‘what is it?’ and ‘why?’ From the largest elephant folio to the smallest pocket dictionary, and photographs of aluminium cans transformed into miniature furniture, the selection of objects displayed ranges from big to small and very strange. Curated for inquisitive minds, this exhibition is supported by a self-guided trail and educator's guide (PDF 505KB).

Bird Song

Sounds from the State Library’s collection of John Hutchinson Bird Recordings are paired with scientific illustrations of Western Australian birds to create an interactive and sensory experience. John Hutchinson’s early interest in electronics and his love of the Australian bush led him to create a collection spanning fifty years across remote bushland in Western Australia. This exhibition is supported by an educator's guide (PDF 680KB).

Are we there yet? A journey around Australia

A family friendly exhibition based upon the award winning picture book, Are we there yet? written and illustrated by Alison Lester.

Ignite your students' imagination and love of reading with this heartfelt story inspired by a real life journey, from Wave Rock to Roebuck Bay and beyond, undertaken by Alison Lester and her family. The exhibition of original illustrations, travel diaries, sketches and dummy books, curated by Books Illustrated, is supported by an educator's guide (PDF 560KB).

Colour Me exhibition

We are all different. But together we colour our world amazing.

In the picture book Colour Me by Western Australia’s Ezekiel Kwaymullina and Moira Court, a rainbow is used as a metaphor for our diversity and uniqueness. Ignite your children's imagination and love of reading with this exhibition. This exhibition is supported with an educator's guide.

One Thousand Trees an exhibition

Award winning Western Australian artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers explores the art of nature and the nature of art in his picture book One Thousand Trees. The exhibition is supported with an educator's guide (PDF 571KB)

Right Wrongs ’67 Referendum – the WA Story

A self-guided trail is available for school groups visiting the the Right Wrongs exhibition. Right Wrongs exhibition trail  (PDF 3MB)


 A collection of original illustrations from the book Teacup by Rebecca Young and Matt Ottley is available at the Library.  An educators' guide is available (PDF 737KB). 

Last updated on: 6 November 2019