Suitcases: Stories of Migration

Suitcase: Stories of Migration

Why have so many different groups of people migrated to Western Australia? Students open a suitcase and use items from the State Library collections to piece together migration stories. 

Explore the stories of Western Australian convicts, Afghan cameleers, Group Settlers, post War migrants and Vietnamese refugees.  Understand how a variety of primary source materials can tell a thorough story. Identify how language and Government policy can alter perceptions. Find out the different push/pull factors that have influenced waves of migration to Western Australia and the impact made on the culture of Western Australia today.

This guided workshop is 1-hour duration.

Download the Pre and Post Activity Sheet [PDF] for ideas on how to further explore Western Australian migrant stories.

Students will:

  • Engage with primary source materials.
  • Understand the role of the Library in preserving stories from the past.
  • Identify how language can alter perceptions.
  • Interpret source materials.
  • Gain an understanding of the role of libraries in the local community.

Suitcases: Stories of migration can be supported by the addition of the downloadable Migration Stories Northbridge Walking Trail (PDF). This self-guided walking trail explores the city of Perth’s migrant heritage and how this rich, ethnic diversity has shaped its character.

Curriculum Links

HaSS: (ACHASSK147), (ACHASSK135), (ACHASSK136), (ACHASSK137), (WAHASS50), (WAHASS52), (WAHASS53), (WAHASS56), (WAHASS57),  (WAHASS59), (WAHASS61).

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Last updated on: 7 February 2020