Then and Now

Then and Now

What was life like in the past?

Explore the State Library’s pictorial collection. Find out why the State Library collects photographs and what they explain about Western Australian history. Students will engage in examples of how Perth has changed over time. They will use photographs from the Library’s collection to identify change in technology, families, toys and architecture over time.  Students will use images from the Library’s collection to create a timeline of Perth, in the form of a souvenir postcard, to take home.

This is a fun, hands-on workshop comparing children’s lives today with those of the past.

Students will:

  • Engage with primary source materials.
  • Understand the role of the Library in preserving stories from the past.
  • Compare and contrast photographs from the past and the present.
  • Use terms indicating time like, ‘then and now’.
  • Create a visual timeline of a significant place

Curriculum links

HaSS (Geography and History)

  • Skills: (VCGGC001), (VCHHC001), (VCHHC004), (VCGGC019), (VCHHC015), (VCHHC029), (VCGGC043), (WAHASS03), (WAHASS01), (WAHASS04), (WAHASS05), (WAHASS07), (WAHASS08)

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Last updated on: 7 February 2020