About eConnect

A service that helps you connect to government and other vital services online

eConnect is a new service on the ground floor of the State Library, where members of the public can be supported to find information and services online, learn and explore the digital world. Clients can walk in or make an appointment. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist all Western Australians to access the internet and develop the digital skills required to live well in an online world.

The service is open Monday to Friday, 10:30AM until 2:30PM.

What we can help with:

  • navigating government websites;
  • finding relevant information on the internet;
  • accessing, uploading / downloading, printing and submitting online forms;
  • creating online accounts, such as My Gov;
  • creating an email address;
  • searching and applying for jobs online;
  • working with a new device.

What is in the eConnect space?

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 3 computers for clients who don’t have their own device, accessible using an SLWA membership card
  • Printing and scanning facilities in the Discovery Lounge
  • A staff member
  • A booking system (but clients can always drop in)
  • An interpreter can be accessed, if required.

Frequently used terminologies:

  • E-government (electronic government services). This refers to government services that are accessed online, such as Centrelink, Medicare, Australian Tax Office, visa and immigration related matters, etc. 
  • Digital literacy: the ability to find, use and disseminate information in a digital world
  • Digital inclusion: ensuring that individuals have access to, and the skills to use, technology to be able to participate in today’s growing information society.

To contact us:

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Last updated on: 14 October 2020