We want your election materials

Thursday 11 April 2019

The State Library of Western Australia is putting out a call for election campaign materials.

Election campaign material issued by candidates tells a lot about Western Australia’s cultural, social and political history.

The State Library’s collection includes flyers and posters distributed by the Communist Party in the 1966 election – ‘Ban the Bomb’. Labor party election paraphernalia featuring Kim Beasley Senior, and a host of great flyers, posters, t-shirts and badges.

Election material provides fascinating reading, and the State Library hopes to add to its collection during the 2019 campaign period.

With your help, the State Library collection can be grown to include electronic campaign material, like emails, and printed posters, flyers, how-to-vote cards, stickers and badges that represent Western Australia’s current political landscape in the lead up to the National election on 18 May.

CEO and State Librarian Margaret Allen said election material may be short-lived but it has lasting significance.

“One of the roles of the State Library is to collect and preserve our historical DNA,” the State Librarian said.

“The State Library’s collection of election material shows the issues that have been important to Western Australians at each election. They also demonstrate changing social norms, attitudes, opinions and the changing ways candidates interact with their communities.

“We need to continue to grow our election material collection from today’s candidates, parties, and groups lobbying support for candidates, so that future generations can see the changes in our society.

“The public’s assistance in donating election material is greatly appreciated and the State Library will work to preserve this important material and make it accessible for the future,” Ms. Allen said.

The Library is looking for materials in physical or electronic format.  Donated materials will be evaluated by staff and accepted into the collection or disposed of as appropriate (such as duplicates), but not returned.

Drop off materials in-person at the State Library.  Alternatively, post materials to:

Ephemera materials
State Library of WA
25 Francis St

Email electronic materials to serials@slwa.wa.gov.au.

Your assistance in helping collect, preserve and make accessible this important documentary record is greatly appreciated.

And don’t forget to vote!

For collection highlights at the State Library:  http://slwa.wa.gov.au/wa-story/ephemera-collection-highlights 

MEDIA CONTACT:   Digital copies of past items available on request.

Charles Hayne – media@slwa.wa.gov.au 



Last updated on: 11 April 2019