Today’s campaign mail, tomorrow’s original documentary materials

Friday 03 June 2016

The State Library’s collection of election ephemera gives a glimpse into Western Australia’s cultural, social and political history.

With your help, the collection can be grown to include posters, flyers, how-to-vote cards, stickers and badges which represent Western Australia’s current political landscape in the lead up to the Australian federal election on 2 July.

CEO and State Librarian Margaret Allen said that the Library is always looking to expand its ephemera collection during election time, to document the changing attitudes and opinions represented by the major campaign issues.

“The State Library’s collection of election materials shows the issues that were important to Western Australians over the past century and more, and also the progress that has been made in that time.

“We need to continue to grow the election ephemera collection with materials from today’s candidates and parties, so that future generations can continue to track the progress of our society.

“The public’s assistance in helping collect this important documentary record is greatly appreciated, and the State Library will work to preserve the donated materials and make them accessible in the future,” Ms Allen said.

Materials can be accepted in physical or electronic format. You can drop off any election items at the State Library, post to Ephemera Materials at 25 Francis Street, Northbridge, or email electronic copies to

MEDIA CONTACT: Susan Parker  Tel: 9427 3153  Mob: 0451 255 074



Last updated on: 25 August 2016