Is technology making us less human? The State Library’s Disrupted Festival of Ideas debates the big questions

Wednesday 13 June 2018
  • More than 3,500 people are expected to visit a weekend of free activities and events at the State Library of Western Australia - July 28 and 29, 2018
  • Keynote speakers: Dr Munjed al Muderis, Professor Genevieve Bell and Morris Gleitzman
  • Comprehensive program of keynote presentations, conversations, panel discussions and immersive activities 

The State Library of Western Australia's fifth annual Disrupted Festival of Ideas will be held on the weekend of July 28-29, 2018, in the Perth Cultural Centre.

Centred on the theme of technology and its impact on humanity, the free festival will explore the benefits and pitfalls of society's digital advances.

At a time when technology is moving faster than what we can keep up with, keynote speakers Dr Munjed al Muderis, Professor Genevieve Bell and Morris Gleitzman will share their unique viewpoints and contribute to open discussions on how we can navigate this ever-changing world.

Panel discussions will tackle the issues and complexities of the 21st century with topics such as Made by Humans: the AI Condition; Using Data for Good; and the End of Journalism as We Know It.  

In addition, activities in and around the State Library will include the Disrupted Markets; Dataopolis, the open data board game; Aphids' Artefact, celebrating obsolete technology; Speaker Speed Dating; and Mindfulness Meditation sessions for those in technology overload.

The comprehensive program is sure to 'disrupt' with two inspiring days of discussion and immersive activities. All events will be streamed via the library's website, ensuring access for all Western Australians. Download the complete program at

Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman:

"The State Library is an important creative hub for people to meet, learn and engage with new ideas and technology, and this year's theme of technology and its impact on humanity is a timely one sure to stimulate creative debate, inspire new thought, and perhaps even generate controversy along the way.

"The State Library is to be commended for creating this wonderful free festival that caters for all members of the public; and where research, discovery, imagination and curiosity across a range of experiences and platforms is encouraged."

Minister's office - 6552 5400

Last updated on: 18 June 2018