Finding the Herstory for 169 Remarkable WA Women

Tuesday 20 March 2018

169 remarkable women have been inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame between 2011-2017. However very few personal records of the life and achievements of these women are available for access through the State Library of Western Australia.

The State Library’s charter is to collect and preserve the documentary history of WA and during Australian Women’s History Month (March) it is calling for donations of materials about these extraordinary women who have helped shaped Western Australia. 

Family, friends and colleagues of these women can help the State Library capture the stories of the remarkable contributions these women of influence have made to the economic, social and cultural fabric of Western Australia.

Original photographs, documents, diaries, personal correspondence and records can be donated to the State Library. The State Library preserves Western Australian history and makes it available to all.

Collection Liaison can be contacted on or call 9427 3111.

Help complete the Herstory of WA for future generations.

To find out who these women are view the slideshow A History of Western Australia through 169 Remarkable Women at


For more information, interview arrangements and images contact:

e. p. 9427 3173.

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The WA Women’s Hall of Fame inductees:

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