Disrupted Festival of Ideas 2021

Media Release

Disrupted is back but different. The challenges brought by COVID 19 has meant that at least for 2021 we have decided to reinvent how we present Disrupted.

Disrupted 2021 will initially be delivered through a series of monthly events beginning on March 30. Later in the year the Library will explore whether a one day Disrupted festival can be held.

The theme this year will be ‘The times they are a changin’. We will highlight change makers, what is changing and what should change?  The first Disrupted 2021 event will focus on poverty in Western Australia. This will be a partnership between the Library and the Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia.

The second event, ‘Going with the Flow’ (April 27) featuring Lucy Peach and the ABC’s Andrea Gibbs, will explore the power of female hormones, the issue of period poverty, and Lucy will possibly sing a song or two.

Number three (May 25) is titled The Right to Die: A Conversation about voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia. This conversation takes a look at the recent changes to legislation regarding voluntary assisted dying, which are due to be implemented by mid-2021.

For more details of the program as they become available consult the Disrupted Festival of Ideas website at www.disrupted.slwa.wa.gov.au.

Comments attributed to State Library of Western Australia CEO Margaret Allen: 

The Disrupted Festival of Ideas is an important element of the services the State Library of Western Australia provides to the Western Australian community.

Like all our products Disrupted is free and a great example of our commitment to the democratic provision of knowledge and thoughtful ideas.

Media contact: Charles Hayne 0403 948 319 

Last updated on 16 September 2021