Big Ideas at the Yungngora Aboriginal Community

Monday 17 October 2016

Approximately 300 members of the Yungngora Aboriginal Community will benefit from the arrival of the Ideas Box prior to the coming wet season.

The Ideas Box is a revolutionary portable library kit which provides access to information, cultural heritage and education. It encourages engagement with many forms of literacy, from books and word games, to digital cameras and software for creating short films or video diaries.

Culture and the Arts Minister John Day said that the Ideas Box initiative was a collaborative project between the State Library of WA, the French Bibliotheques Sans Frontiers (Libraries without Borders) and the Yungngora Aboriginal Community.

Originally designed for refugee camps, the Ideas Box is ideal for use in regional and remote communities as it is a robust device with minimal energy needs and its own power source. It is easily transportable as it fits on two pallets, but then expands to fill up to 90 square metres.

The Ideas Box has many resources which form the basis of programs and activities. These include: laptop computers with pre-loaded software for example, for photo editing; digital cameras for producing videos; an LCD TV for movie screenings; an assortment of board games suitable for kids and adults alike; stationery items for craft activities; and eReaders with pre-loaded eBooks as well as traditional books to borrow and read.

The Minister acknowledged the State Library in developing the initiative for the benefit of remote Western Australian communities. 

“I’m sure that the Yungngora community members will come up with many different creative solutions using the tools available, and find many ways to use the Ideas Box,” Mr. Day said.

The Ideas Box arrived in Yungngora Aboriginal Community near Fitzroy Crossing in mid-September 2016.  Upon its arrival, Russell Mulligan, Chair of the Yungngora Association Inc. said the Community was excited to launch the Ideas Box.

“I hope that the Community people will make good use of the Box and what it contains to improve their learning.  I also hope that parents will use the Box with their children so that both can learn at the same time,” Mr. Mulligan said.

The Ideas Box will remain at the Yungngora Aboriginal Community for approximately six months over the wet season.  The success of the pilot will determine the future direction of the Ideas Box, helping decide if it is a sustainable and appropriate way to provide library services in remote Western Australia.


Media contact: Minister’s office – 6552 6200

Last updated on: 19 December 2016