Metro & Country Newspapers

Perth Newspapers

The first metropolitan newspapers were produced in the Spring of 1829. The following is a selection of the many titles that have been published since. More can be found by searching the library catalogue.

The West Australian – originally started as The Perth Gazette on 5 January 1833. Its name was changed to The West Australian in 1879 and it has always been Perth's major metropolitan newspaper.

The Inquirer: a Western Australian Journal of Politics and Literature – a competitor of The Perth Gazette, it began in 1840 and changed its name to The Inquirer and Commercial News in 1855.

The Inquirer and Commercial News – a competitor of firstly, The Perth Gazette, and later The West Australian, it ran from 1855 and was incorporated into the Daily News in 1901.

Daily News  –  began in 1882 and incorporated The Inquirer and Commercial News in 1901. It was Perth's main afternoon and evening newspaper until it ceased publication in 1990.

The Sunday Times  – began in 1897 and is Perth's only currently published Sunday newspaper.

The Western Mail – began as a weekly version of The West Australian in 1885. It ran until 1955 when it became The Countryman.

The Herald – a major newspaper of the day, it was published in Fremantle from 1867-1886.

The Mirror – published from 1921-1956 and was the "scandal sheet" of its day, dealing with "juicy" divorce cases and the like.

Sunday Independent – an attempt to give Perth a second Sunday newspaper, it ran from 1971-1986.

Swan Express – published in Midland Junction 1900-1979, it reported mainly on happenings in the area.

Regional and Country Newspapers

Many of Western Australia's country towns published newspapers, some still do and some towns and newspapers have disappeared. A selection can be found below and others can be located by searching the catalogue.

The Kalgoorlie Miner – the goldfields newspaper, it has been published in Kalgoorlie since 1895.

The Albany Advertiser – began publication as The Australian Advertiser in 1888 and changed its name to The Albany Advertiser in 1897. It is still current.

Northern Times – one of the few newspapers to cover the north-west, it was published in Carnarvon from 1905-1983.

South Western Times – a major newspaper of the south-west, it has been published in Bunbury since 1932.

Coolgardie Miner – one of the earliest newspapers of the goldfields, it was published in Coolgardie from 1894-1911, 1913-1917 and 1935-1957.

The Countryman – originally published as The Western Mail in 1885, its name was changed to The Countryman in 1955. It is published in Perth for country distribution and is still current.

The Geraldton Guardian –  published in Geraldton since 1906 (from 1929-1947 as The Geraldton Guardian and Express).

Great Southern Herald – covering the Great Southern region, has been published in Katanning since 1901.

The Eastern Districts Chronicle – the earliest country newspaper, published in York from 1877-1926. Its name was changed to the York Chronicle in 1927 and it ceased publication in 1959.

South Western News – a major newspaper of the south-west, published in Busselton from 1903-1963 and then changed its name to the Busselton-Margaret Times.

Last updated on: 6 December 2016