What the Whales Might Say by Katie Bennet

Extend your arms to the coastline
Will we ever hold what we have not made?
When God said let it be

We began to imagine a new heaven and a new earth.

The sun retreats a centimetre, gives us space to breathe
Says sorry,
So we could say thank you
The forest moves in, tears up the concrete
Says sorry,
So we could say thank you

The new earth
here, you and I spout latin names like language and we kill dieback with swords
Leaves as green as traffic lights and we all go home to love
Which once was a twinkle in your eye and an amen whispered under our breath but now
Love looks like a vege garden full of peas
Our green thumbs holding our green hands squeezed together like a prayer
As the ground does the rest we knock the fences down

Say welcome
Fill the birdbath and wait for rain
All these clouds eavesdropping on a new conservation
We plant a sapling of a snoddygobble tree
The wind picks up
And we are not alive to chew the fruit but it's okay
Truly, I tell you
This is why I wrote this
To tell you it's okay.

Writer: Katie Bennett is continuously trying her best to remind you of that warm autumn day you spent that one time with a good book or your best friend. She writes about the experience of living in a world that is wonderful and awful all at the same time. She is particularly interested in our relationship to nature and each other. She has performed at various poetry events around Perth over the past three years and released her zine, "The Golden Hour",  through Hectic Measures Press.

Last updated on: 26 November 2019