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  1. International law. Includes treaties.
  2. GlobaLex is an electronic legal publication dedicated to international and foreign law research. Published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law
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  3. The Audiovisual Library aims to provide free, scholarly resources to students and practitioners around the world, particularly in regions where there are few resources for the study of international law.
  4. The Workplace Ombudsman provides the following services to workers and employers in Australia: assist workers and employers to understand their rights and obligations under federal workplace law; promote and monitor compliance with federal wor…
  5. Fee Fie Foe Firm Australia is your window to the world of law firms. We're a search engine that focuses on the websites of Australian law firms. Use the search box above to search for legal experts, law firm bulletins, articles, press releases and more!
  6. Good basic fact sheets on different legal matters.
  7. The official site for up to date Commonwealth Legislation.
  8. Search for a Justice of the Peace by suburb or by name.
  9. Up-to-date database of constitutions, charters, amendments and other related documents from around the world.
  10. Full text of Western Australian legislation.
  11. Database of court judgement from Australian courts. Run by UTS and UNSW faculties of law.

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