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  1. In response to Recommendation 23 of the Bringing them Home Report the Western Australian Government established a Records Task Force to identify, locate and preserve records associated with Aboriginal people. This guide is the culmination of th…
  2. This site has pulled together a number of significant resources relevant to the history and recorded language of the Noongar people of South West of Western Australia. Links also to a personal blog called Kiangardarup.
  3. For all family history bookmarks please refer to the separate Magnolia Family History page
  4. Guide to official records for aboriginal family history research. Few records are available online; it mainly tells the user where to find information at SRO.
  5. Information on researching Aboriginal family history from the State Library of Western Australia
  6. This site provides a detailed list of where to locate Aboriginal records for Western Australia it was put together in 2004 by the Department of Community Development.

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