Discount Policy for State Library Venue Hire

1. Purpose

This document defines the discount granted on fees for the hire of State Library venues, equipment, and facilities.

2. Scope

This policy covers the conditions for the granting of discounts for the hire of State Library venues, equipment and facilities.

3. Context

The State Library provides a variety of venues, equipment and facilities for hire on a commercial basis (as per the Venue Hire Policy) both during opening hours as well as after hours, seven days a week. Discounts may be applied to certain categories of client.

Discounts or the waiving of public order fees for researchers and media outlets are not covered by this policy; these discounts are at the discretion of Director, Library Services.

The State Library does not operate the café within the State Library building and any discount offered is at the discretion of the operator

4. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Library Board of Western Australia that the following State Library venue clients may be eligible for discounts:

  • Any member of staff of the State Library will be granted free use of State Library venues for work related purposes.

  • Discounts for organisations that partner with the State Library to deliver programs and / or events are as per partnership agreements.

  • Tertiary educational or professional organisations (including ALIA and Friends of Battye) directly associated with the State Library and its core business will be granted free use of State Library venues.

  • All Government Departments and Agencies will be granted a 10 per cent discount on the normal venue hire charge. No discount will be offered on associated venue equipment hire.

  • Any not-for-profit organisation (charities, non-profits, NGOs, private voluntary and community organisations – i.e. that do not make profits for private gain) may be granted, upon request, a discount of 10 per cent on the normal venue booking charge. No discount will be offered on associated venue equipment hire. Any decision to offer a discount will consider whether an entry charge is levied for the booked meeting or event.
  • Non payment of venue hire or associated equipment hire charges by any individual, group or organisation, breach of State Library policy, or unlawful or illegal activity, will lead to subsequent exclusion from hiring State Library venues.

5. Responsibilities

Director, Strategic and Corporate Services:

  • content and implementation of this policy; and
  • final approval to waive or discount venue hire fees.

6. References

7. Authorisation and Review

First approved by: Library Board 3 March 2011
Review date: Two years from Library Board approval
Reviewed: November 2021
Approved: Library Board 7 December 2017
Approved: Library Board 5 July 2018
Approved: Library Board 2 December 2021
CIU File: 10/333

This page last updated on 12 April 2022