Eligibility Criteria Changes

It has been brought to our attention that a change we made to the eligibility criteria for the Premier’s Award for Children and the Premier’s Award for Emerging Writers has not been communicated well to the writing community.  The change in question was to require both the writer and the illustrator of a book to be Western Australian. The philosophy behind that change was that we wanted to support Western Australian creatives and that included supporting Western Australian Illustrators in the same way we support Western Australian writers.

 However, acknowledging this has resulted in unintended consequences for 2019 without specific advice to the sector regarding the change, we will revert to the same eligibility as for 2018. This mean in the case of a children’s picture book one of the *authors or co-authors need to be Western Australian.

Whilst we will explore this matter further in the coming months (once the judging process has commenced for 2019), we would suggest that unless the intention of the Awards scheme changes after 2019, non-Western Australian creators would revert back to being ineligible for the 2020 Awards.

Important note – because of this change we have also changed the closing dates for submission to 5pm (WST) Monday 17th February 2020.

Please see the updated eligibility criteria changes on our 'How to enter' page.


*Author is defined as co–author, editor, illustrator or translator 

Last updated on: 23 January 2020