Welcome to The Place

There's always plenty to do at The Place!

Storytime and rhymetime are scheduled each week, and there are lots of books to share and borrow.

 Baby Rhymetime

Come and enjoy Baby Rhymetime, every Tuesday at 10.30am at The Place with Songs, rhymes and stories for babies and their families.

First Rhyme Time for 2016: 5 January, 2016

Storytime - Big Stories for little people

Storytime happens every Wednesday at 10.30am, full of interactive story fun for pre-schoolers and their carers

First Storytime for 2016: 6 January, 2016

International Storytime Series

Come and enjoy stories, songs and activities from different countries:

International Storytime begins with China on March 2nd then as follows;

Japan May 4th

Spain September 7th

India November 9th

Holland December 7th

Play Time

Play Time follows on from Baby Rhymetime every Tuesday from 11am - 12:30pm during term time.

Activity Time 

Activity Time consists of free activities for children up to 5 years.

Days: Monday, Thursday and Friday

Time: Drop in between 10am - 2pm 

Term 1 Activity Time schedule 

1, 4, 5 February - Shape Match

8, 11, 12 February - Role Play Fun

15, 18, 19 February - Pom Pom Drop

22, 25, 26 February - Follow the Leader

29 February, 3 and 4 March - Rhyming Bucket

10,11 March - Rhyming bucket

14, 17, 18 March - Memory Match

21, 24 March - Vroom Vroom

31 March, 1 April - Vroom Vroom

4, 7, 8 April - Count it Out 

The Books Moove Me cow

You can visit the Books Moove Me cow on the mezzanine bridge, just before the entrance to The Place. Find out more about the cow here.

The Book Totem

The Book Totem was created during the summer school holidays at the beginning of 2009 by local sculptor Graham Hay. It is firmly bolted to the floor and has a steel pole running through the middle of it, so it is safe.

The books used were discarded from public libraries and were turned into art. Children selected the books they wanted to use in the sculpture.

Graham also created the Eye pencil sculpture at the same time. Staff at the library and all the families involved in the workshop signed the pencils.

For more about how it was created, have a look at Graham Hay’s web pages.

What else can I do at The Place??

The Place is for children and families and is located on the mezzanine level. The Place is all about stories and you can visit any time the Library is open. 

The Place Gallery showcases original illustrations from Western Australian picture books. Displays are regularly updated. Find out more on our exhibitions page.

Visiting The Place

The Place is open any time the library is open. The mezzanine level can be found up one flight of stairs, or by pressing M in the lift.

Prams and bags are fine in The Place, but if you are visiting any other floors in the library, bags must be under a certain size. Bags greater than 48cm x 38cm are not permitted on the upper floors of the Library where the collections are housed.

There are no toilets at The Place - baby change rooms are located on the Ground Floor in the Discovery Lounge. Ask for the key from the friendly Welcome Desk staff. Toilets are also located on the ground floor in the foyer near the coffee shop, and on other floors of the library.

Snacks for children can be eaten at The Place, but no nuts please. If you would like to eat lunch, please find a spot on the Ground Floor in the Discovery Lounge or outside the building.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please leave The Place tidy when you leave.

In general, we ask that any adults that wish to visit The Place are accompanied by a child, however if you would like to look at the books or the artwork, and do not have a child with you, please inform the Welcome Desk staff.

Computers at The Place

Priority is given to children, or parents and children using the computers to explore online stories together.  

My Favourite Children's Book

Discover famous people's favourite books, and print out the booklist.

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Page last updated: Monday 18 January 2016

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