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Treasures of the Battye Library

Treasures of the Battye Library
Explore some of the many treasures from the fascinating collections of the Battye Library. The Battye Library has a vast array of publications including books, newspapers, periodicals, maps, ephemera, as well as original records such as oral history tapes, photographs and artworks, films and video, and non-government records kept in the library's Private Archives collection.


WA Musical Memories Online
WA Musical Memories Online provides access to the digitised musical scores that the State Library has contributed to the National Library's MusicAustralia project. These scores reflect the mood of the nation in the early part of the 20th century. Many of the scores are written by West Australians, including the three-time Governor of WA, Sir William Robinson. Print friendly copies of the scores are available.

The Freycinet Collection

The Freycinet Collection
This web site provides background information on items that were purchased at the Christies' auction in September 2002 and are now part of the State Library's collections.

Western Stories

With developments in digitising technologies the State Library collections can now be brought together in novel and exciting ways to tell new stories about our past history - our very own Western Australian Stories.


Rica Erickson
This web site was created as a tribute to Rica Erickson, who holds a special place in Western Australian history as naturalist, author, genealogist and historian. It provides samples from various Battye Library collections to illustrate her life and achievements, set in context with biographical information.


Women in Western Australia
The story of women in Western Australia, through the twentieth century, is told through the use of original photographs and text specially written for the site. In images held in the Battye Library Pictorial Collection we see women at work and at play and, with the aid of an illuminating text, and quotations from publications through the century, the important and often unrecognised contribution that women have made to our community is made clear. The site was funded by a private donor through the Western Australian State Library Custodians Inc. and the Save Our Century Fund.

Western Perspectives on A Nation

Western Perspectives on a Nation
This collection of 8 web sites comprises images from the Battye collections that tell the story of Australia's economic and social development through the twentieth century - as viewed from Western Australia. The seven linked sites funded by the National Council for the Centenary of Federation, through the Western Australian State Library Custodians and the Save Our Century Fund, cover the themes of architecture and building, the land, the sea, mining, transport, migration and settlement, and clothing. An eighth site showing images of women through the century has been added through the generosity of a private donor to the Save Our Century Fund.

Memories of Picnics

Memories of Picnics
A fascinating look at a favoured weekend outing, The Picnic. This lovely site will share images from picnics in the first half of the century, jog your memories with food labels and advertisements, and even provide some long-forgotten recipes.

Western Australia and Federation

Western Australia and Federation
 Celebrate one hundred years of nationhood. Images, documents and oral histories from the Battye Library are used to tell the story of Federation from a western perspective. Organised in three sections, Western Australia and Federation examines WA's reluctant entry into Federation (1890-1910), its popular secession movement (1929-1939) and issues affecting Commonwealth-State relations today.

Documenting a Democracy
Through the efforts of the State Records Office, the State Library has contributed to a collaborative project by the National Archives to produce a website which brings together Australia's key legal and constitutional charters.

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