Dutch Journeys to the Western Edge

On board Johan van Oldernbarneveld leaving 
Netherlands 1.10.1953.

24 June - 25 September 2016
Ground Floor Gallery

From Dirk Hartog’s landing at remote Cape Inscription in 1616 to our present migrant connections, Dutch Journeys to the Western Edge draws stories from the collections in the State Library. Whether seeking trade, refuge or opportunity the Dutch, like others to land on our shores, have helped shape Western Australia.

The State Library’s exhibition looks beyond the early maritime history to include stories of recent Dutch military history and migrant journeys to WA.

The exhibition is the State Library’s contribution to the recognition of the 400th Anniversary of the European discovery of the west coast of the Australian continent. Dirk Hartog landed in the Eendracht at Cape Inscription, Shark Bay on 25 October 1616. 

Many items from the State Library collection are so precious that the Library cannot put them on public display. However, with technology, we can bring these pieces to our audience in other ways both physically in the exhibition and on-line through the catalogue.

This free exhibition runs from Friday 24 June to Sunday 25 September in the State Library’s Ground Floor Gallery.

Free Education Excursion Workshop and Exhibition Tour

Suitcases: Stories of Migration is a workshop for students. In groups, students work to unpack a suitcase and piece together a personal story of migration based on primary and secondary historical evidence from the State Library Collections. Students consider the impact of migration on Western Australia and the stories of migrants, as well as the many reasons for migration.

The exhibition Dutch Journeys to the Western Edge will be supported by a self-guided trail, engaging students with 400 years of Western Australian history and stories of Dutch migrants and their legacy.

To make a booking for your students, fill in the form here.

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