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The search engine as it currently stands, is a first iteration and the State Library will continue to refine its programming for search facilities.

The search engine allows you to undertake the following searches:


Undertaking any of these searches will provide you with a results page that shows those sections of the Police Gazettes where a match has been found. When the results page appears, click on those required to access the PDF, and do a PDF search to highlight your results.Searching for a full name eg John Smith, will produce many results as the search engine is currently providing results on John and Smith. State Library staff are working to resolve this. To carry out a search for a full name it is best to do a PDF search of each yearly index using the form Smith John (as the name appears in the index). This will provide you with the page numbers in the gazettes and you can then go to the relevant.

  • May 1895 Page 81 to 100 (3.8 MB PDF File)
  • June 1895 Page 101 to 116 (3.2 MB PDF File)
  • July 1895 Page 117 to 139 (4.5 MB PDF File)

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Page last updated: Tuesday 23 November 2010

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