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Trove is a collection of databases built with the collaboration of major libraries of Australia and run by the National Library of Australia. It's most well known feature is the digitised collection of pre-1955 Australian newspapers. 

Thousands of newspaper articles have been electronically transcribed and require mistakes to be corrected. Single letters, words, lines or entire articles can be corrected.


1. Go to Trove WA newspapers.

2. Search for newspapers with one of the below titles or another Western Australian publication. 

  • South Western Times 1917-1929
  • Primary producer 1916-1921
  • WA Sportsman 1914-1918
  • Call & WA Sportsman 1918-1920
  • Geraldton Express 1906-1918
  • Bruce Rock Post & Corrigin Guardian 1917-1924
  • Gnowangerup Times 1912-1918
  • Tambellup Times 1912-1924
  • Daily Telegraph & North Murchison Gazette 1918-1920
  • Nungarin Trayning Mail & Kununoppin Advertiser 1917-1922
  • The Westonian 1915-1920
  • The Reformer 1906-1919
  • Fremantle Herald 1913-1915
  • York Advocate 1915
  • Beverley Times 1905-1977
  • The Truth 1903-1931
  • Swan Express 1900-1954
  • Southern Argus & Wagin-Arthur Express 1905-1924
  • Southern Cross Times 1900-1940
  • Moora Herald & Midlands District Advocate 1914-1930
  • Black Range Courier & Sandstone Observer 1907-1915
  • Laverton Mercury 1899-1919
  • Meekatharra Miner 1909-1918
  • Evening Star 1898-1921

3. Select a year within the date range given above. Select a month. Select a date. Select a page. Select an article (advertising can also be corrected).

4. Check to see if there are any errors in the electronically translated text by comparing it to the highlighted article to its right.

5. To correct any errors, click Fix this Text.

6. Sign up, log in or proceed without an account.

7. If you need to move or enlarge the article there are scroll and zoom bars on the bottom right hand side.

8. Click Save to save your changes and continue editing. For long articles it is recommended to save every 10-15 lines.

9. Click Cancel to discard changes made sine the last Save.

10. When you have finished click Save & Exit to save your changes and exit the edit mode.

You can also tag articles by clicking Add Tags. Separate each tag with a coma, leave Public and click Save

All of this work helps make WA content more accessible to the community.

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Page last updated: Friday 28 October 2016

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