Volunteering at the State Library 

Volunteering at the State Library offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to discover our resources and collections, to interact with our clients and be involved in the many events held at the State Library.

As a volunteer, you could be involved in delivering literacy activities to preschool children, helping at events and exhibitions, collecting survey responses from clients or being an office assistant.

Volunteering will provide you with an opportunity to learn about and contribute to the State Library and community as a whole.

If you would like to discuss volunteering at the State Library please contact Mary Doyle on (08) 9427 3327 or email volunteers@slwa.wa.gov.au.

Spotlight on Volunteers

Several times a year we spotlight the great work that one or a group of volunteers do for the State Library

Volunterr Gunther De Vos

Connecting with Community

Every two months volunteer Gunther De Vos does an amazing job of producing the newsletter, while fulfilling a number of other commitments that he is passionate about.

Gunther started volunteering in the State Library in 2013, not long after arriving in Perth with his wife Eveline. Originally from Belgium, they fell in love with Australia during their travels in 2009 and 2010. They happily returned to Perth to settle here enjoying the much warmer climate and taking the opportunity to travel and explore WA and Australia whenever possible.

In Belgium Gunther worked as a journalist for the largest Flemish newspaper group. Now in Perth he maintains a full and busy schedule. As well as volunteering at the State Library, Gunther is studying a Master of Environmental Science at the University of Western Australia and is working on his research project. He will graduate in July. He is also a committee member for Project Numbat (to raise funds and awareness for the State's mammal emblem, the numbat) and is an environmental volunteer for the City of Subiaco. He is a freelance journalist (for Belgian media and Football West), works as a casual at Ikea, and is the team captain and initiator of two indoor football (soccer) teams. Somehow he still makes time to come in too the State Library to work on the newsletter.

Gunther started volunteering to give back to the community and to meet new people. His first role here was researching several projects for the State Library Foundation. Gunther has also assisted and been an usher at several film screenings. In January 2015 Gunther took on the role of writing the volunteer newsletter. "I added the Spotlight on Volunteers section because I noticed there are so many wonderful volunteers at the State Library, all of them with an amazing story on why they volunteer here. I enjoy using my background as a journalist to share those stories."

Gunther's generous manner shows when he describes the State Library. "Everybody is always extremely friendly and helpful. They always make me feel welcome. It is also great to be at the Library surrounded by so much history and so  many stories. It is a unique way to meet inspiring people while learning more about Western Australia and its people."

Gunther's energy for his many roles comes from his passion. "Volunteering for the State Library, for Project Numbat, the City of Subiaco, my studies, my journalism: connecting with the community and the environment and getting a better understanding of the world around me is what drives me." 

Current Positions 

Please note that the State Library screens its volunteers and some positions may require a Police Clearance or Working With Children Card.

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Page last updated: Tuesday 26 April 2016

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