Volunteering at the State Library

Volunteering at the State Library offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to discover our resources and collections, to interact with our clients and be involved in the many events held at the State Library.

As a volunteer, you could be involved in delivering literacy activities to preschool children, helping at events and exhibitions, collecting survey responses from clients or being an office assistant.

Volunteering will provide you with an opportunity to learn about and contribute to the State Library and community as a whole.

If you would like to discuss volunteering at the State Library please contact Mary Doyle on (08) 9427 3327 or email volunteers@slwa.wa.gov.au.

Spotlight on Volunteers

Several times a year we spotlight the great work that one or a group of volunteers do for the State Library

Volunter Annette Rowlands

Annette Rowlands accessions family history at SLWA

'Sometimes I have to pinch myself'

Annette Rowlands grew up with a passion for family history. After delving into the history of her own family, she started to volunteer for the State Library seven years ago. 'Every week I come to help and accession family history,' says Annette. 'I am so happy to be able to do this.'

For  Annette, her passion for family history comes naturally. 'My own family  has always had a very strong interest in our history. I thought this  was normal. When I went to live with my husband on a beautiful family  property in Dandaragan, west of Moora, I kept asking about the history.  But my husband and his family did not know. I was surprised at this.'

Annette  gained an excellent insight into her family's history. 'I received a  suitcase full of family letters, going as far back as 1836. These were  the letters my great-grandfather sent to his family in England. They  were kept as a sort of diary. The letters illustrate how hard it was for  them in those days. It is very difficult for us now to imagine how  these people were living. My great-grandfather was not a born adventurer  but he battled on. I got to love him very much, reading all his  letters. I got in touch with the Battye Library and they were really  interested in the letters and bought them. I now have a second suitcase  of family letters which I will start typing up too.'

When  Annette's husband passed away, she moved to Perth. 'I wanted something  to do and got in touch with the State Library. I was really pleased when  they said I could start volunteering for them. I received an excellent  introduction and now I am helping to accession family history. I am now  working on the Lefroy family, which has links with my own family. I feel  really privileged to be working here among professionals. Sometimes I  have to pinch myself.'

Current Positions

Please note that the State Library screens its volunteers and some positions may require a Police Clearance or Working With Children Card.

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Page last updated: Thursday 9 June 2016

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