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Explore, Discover, Create!

Discover a world of stories, history and information at the State Library of Western Australia.

The Education Centre at the State Library is an exciting space for students to engage with our collection, investigate Western Australian history and be creative with technology and storytelling.

Our Education Team facilitates a diverse program suitable for Foundation through to Year 12.

Our workshops all support the Australian and West Australian curricula and run for approximately 1 hour. Excursions to the State Library are FREE of charge and must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Foundation - Year 2

  • Find It @ The Library
    What can be found at the State Library? What treasures does it hold?
    Become a detective and embark on a journey of discovery around the State Library. Explore our collection of newspapers, photographs, maps, ephemeral items and much more!  Unlock the secrets from our past and seek out hidden clues around the library using your own treasure map.
    Australian Curriculum Links:  History and Geography
  • Fun with Fairy Tales 
    A box of fairy tale props, a digital camera and a wealth of imagination is all you need to have Fun With Fairy Tales. Explore narrative conventions as you recreate classic stories.  Be inspired by examples of digital story books and tales from the Busythings e-resource. What will you create with your photos when you are back in your own classroom?
    Australian Curiculum Links:  English and Technology

  • Then and Now
    What was life like in the past?

    Discover the State Library's pictorial collection. Find out why the State Library collects photographs and what they tell us about our history. Use the images from our collection to create a timeline of Perth in the form of a vintage-style postcard souvenir to take home. This is a fun, hands-on activity comparing how our lives have changed over time.
    Australian Curriculum Link: History

Year 3 - Year 6

  • Books and More 
    What do you do on a day out in Perth? Did children in the past enjoy the same experiences that you do now? What has changed over time? Delve into a history box to explore a taste of the resources the State Library collects and what these can tell us about our past.
    Australian Curriculum Link: History
  • Digging Up The Past: The Colonial YearsWhat are the facts behind the fiction? How do authors research their narratives? Digging Up The Past helps you develop your research skills as you do some "digital digging" to uncover historical facts from photographs, biographies and newspapers that have influenced Western Australian colonial fiction.
    Australian Curriculum Links:  History and English

  • NEW! Digging Up The Past: World War 1
    What are the facts behind the fiction? How do authors research their narratives? Digging Up The Past helps you develop your research skills as you do some "digital digging" to uncover the historical facts from photographs, biographies and newspapers that have influenced Western Australian fiction based on World War 1 events.
    Australian Curriculum Links: History and English
  • NEW! Sourcing The Swan River Colony
    How can the information from a tombstone unlock the history of our State?

    This interesting and informative workshop was developed in partnership with the National Trust of Western Australia. It begins at the East Perth Cemetery, where you explore the grave sites of our Swan River colonists. Move later to the State Library to develop your research skills and delve deeper into these colonists' lives. By sourcing and exploring key primary sources from our collection, you will develop a deeper understanding of early colonial life in Western Australia and the people who impacted on it.
    Australian Curriculum Link: History
    NOTE:  There may be an admission cost for your tour of East Perth Cemetery.

  • NEW! Suitcases: Stories of Migration
    Discover some of the reasons people have migrated to Western Australia. Open a suitcase and use the items inside to piece together the migration story of one person or a particular group. Consider what challenges those migrants would have faced upon arrival, and how they went on to contribute to Western Australian life and culture.
    Australian Curriculum Link: History

Additional Information 


Bookings & Enquiries

For further information please contact an Education Officer on (08) 9427 3202 or email

Programs must be booked two weeks in advance.

We strongly encourage all school groups to contact the library prior to their visit, even if they do not intend to book into a facilitated workshop.

Self-Guided Visits

Please contact one of our Education Officers to make a booking. Telephone 94273202 or email

School groups are welcome to visit the library for self-guided experiences to familiarise students with resources for life-long learning. We do request that you inform us that you are coming so we can ensure there are no clashes with other groups and we have adequate resources available for you.

The Story Place (Years K - 3)

The Story Place is a dedicated space for students and families to play, learn and engage with books, puzzles, puppets, games, electronic resources, original picture book artwork and unique sculptures. Why not complement your next excursion to the Perth Cultural Centre with a visit to The Story Place.

The Story Place is open daily, located on the Mezzanine level and is free of charge.

Special Events and Exhibitions

The State Library is regularly involved in a number of special events for school groups, including: Children's Book Week, Make Your Own Story Book Exhibition, author and illustrator events, NAIDOC week, and Indigenous Literacy Day activities.

Keep updated on all State Library events and activities by joining us on facebook.



Unlock your students' potential by exploring the extensive range of resources, including a guide to publications by Aboriginal authors and illustrators, digitised items, and access to over 150 databases, all available at the State Library.

Subscription Databases

Subscription databases allow teachers and students to access a wide range of credited resources not freely available on the Web, simply by putting in their public library card number. The following resources have been subscribed to by the State Library of Western Australia. Encourage students to join their public library for free access to these resources from home or their public library.

Please be aware that access to online databases from anywhere other than a library or home (that is, schools and universities), is not permitted under the licence agreements held between the Library and Vendors.

Junior and middle primary

TumbleBooks LogoTumbleBooks is an extensive collection of animated, talking picture books and novels with options to read-along with or without sound. Access is easy with this step by step guide.  Suitable for K-5 and ESL students and a great resource for reluctant readers.

This subscription service has been provided through Better Beginnings.

Intrepica is a comprehensive literacy resource that covers pre-reading, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, reading, comprehension and grammar. Activities are interactive, fun and engaging, and promote students' willingness to learn while facilitating their literacy development. 

The program is an incentive based program where students earn credit for every exercise completed. Credit points can be used to purchase clothing and accessories for their avatar or used to play cool digital games in the 'Arcade'. Intrepica provides a safe and controlled learning environment where interaction between students is controlled.

This unique progressive reading and learning experience is suitable for children in years 1- 5. Follow the steps in this easy guide to discover a new reading experience. This subscription service has been provided through Better Beginnings.


To access this resource, you will need to be a member of your local public library and have your card ready.

Middle and upper primary

Pandora is a unique digital archive that has been capturing websites and digital objects since 1996. Students can gain an overview of changes in website design and content, and compare historical accounts.

Explore the extensive selection of online Encyclopedias and Dictionaries* by Oxford, MacquarieNet, Britannica, WorldBook, and the Australian Dictionary of Biography. These resources include photographs, maps, animations, audio clips, videos and links to student friendly websites and journals.

*To access some of these resources you will need to be a member of your local public library and have your card ready.

Upper primary

The Australian Dictionary of Biography provides students with a diverse range of information on over 10,000 biographies of historically significant Australians. Searchable by name, occupation or author, this database is easy to navigate and is useful as a credible starting place for students to commence research.

Web Resources

Three sensational sites from the National Library of Australia. Suitable for students in years 4- 7.  


A comprehensive guide to publications by Aboriginal authors and illustrators. Suitable for readers in years K-2, 3-5, 6-7. Most resources listed are available through your local public library; some resources are available on-site or exclusively at the State Library.

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