The Apology Capture

Anniversary of the Prime Minister’s Apology to the Stolen Generations

13th February 2008

"To the stolen generations, ... I offer you this apology without qualification. We apologise for the hurt, the pain and suffering that we, the parliament, have caused you by the laws that previous parliaments have enacted. We apologise for the indignity, the degradation and the humiliation these laws embodied." - Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd

The Prime Minister’s apology to the Stolen Generations on February 13, 2008, was a major historical moment in Australia’s history and hope for a turning point for Indigenous communities.

The long awaited apology in Canberra, on the first full sitting day of the new Parliament, fulfilled the newly elected Labor Government’s election promise to say sorry to the members of the Stolen Generation.  The apology came 10 years after the landmark ‘Bringing Them Home’ report made a key recommendation on the importance of saying sorry.

AIATSIS have prepared an online exhibition featuring video footage and a script of the apology, photographs, stories and resources for students. Follow the link to visit the online exhibition for Sorry: The Apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples - 13th February 2008

Community photos from events and sites around Australia can also be viewed online through Flickr's community created page, Australia Says Sorry.

State Library of Western Australia – Recording our history

Through the collection of a wide range of materials – photographs, oral histories, print and visual media, websites, ephemera and personal accounts – your State Library aims to preserve a record of Western Australia’s cultural heritage. The Apology WA Capture archive will seek to record the importance of this event to Western Australian communities and how it was and is being celebrated throughout WA. Details of the archive can be viewed through our online catalogue.

Websites and online content relating to the Apology have also been added to the national Pandora website archive database to be preserved for the future. Follow the Pandora link to start exploring.

We thank all of the individuals, organisations and media outlets who have offered materials to our The Apology WA Capture collection. The copyright permissions given enable the full importance of this day to be preserved as a rich full-content archival capture. 

If you would be interested in contributing to The Apology WA Capture Collection please contact our Subject Specialist Indigenous on 9427 3111 or email  All items contributed to The Apology WA Capture will be made available through our State Library of WA catalogue and will be preserved as part of our collection for the future for all West Australians.

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