Donor Kit

If you are interested in donating original (unpublished) records to the State Library for inclusion in our Western Australian heritage collections please use the following documents:

  1. Categories of Material - a list of common categories for identifying material
  2. Donor List and Collection Notes (example only) - including an Explanation of Terms indicating how a donor list should be filled in 
  3. Donor List and Collection Notes - a blank table for you to enter your own listing (save a copy on your own computer)

The information on parts 1 and 2 will guide you as you classify and list your own records.  You are the best person to do this as you are familiar with the material and it will assist us in cataloguing any items we accept.

When you have completed the listing please email it to

Collection Liaison staff will review your list and contact you to discuss the items you are offering.

Thank you for your kind offer to contribute to our heritage collections.


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Page last updated: Thursday 15 August 2013

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