WA Resources

Post Office Directories

Are an invaluable source of information for anyone who is doing family history or research on Western Australia during the period 1893-1949. The post office directories provide information by locality, individual surname, government service, and by trade or profession.

Police Gazettes

The Police Gazette of Western Australia is a valuable resource for researching police and criminals in Western Australia.

Swan River Stories

Provides a fascinating look at the social, political and environmental history of Perth water.

Dead Reckoning

Your handbook to family history research in Western Australia, whether you are a novice family historian just starting out tracing your family tree or a experience genealogy researcher looking for whatever happen to the elusive great uncle.

Bussell & Molloy Diaries

The diaries of Frances Louisa (Fanny) and Joseph Vernon Bussell as well as two diaries written by John and Georgiana Molloy in the 1830s and 40s.

Finding Home

Looking past the pioneer myths to find the real stories of the settlers of the Swan River Colony.

Mary Ann Friend Journal

Written in 1830, one of the earliest accounts of life in Western Australia has returned to Fremantle and can be viewed online and on display at the Western Australian Museum -Shipwreck Galleries, Cliff Street, Fremantle.

Mapping Memory

In Mapping Memory, artist Wendy Lugg brings to life her family history using historical documents and artefacts, juxtaposed with her own contemporary artworks inspired by her family’s stories. The exhibition gives insight into everyday life in Western Australia in the first half of the twentieth century.

Juniper App

Through the Juniper App, you can find out about the book Mason Judy. Illustrated by prolific Western Australian artist Robert Juniper and written by Trevor Todd.

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Page last updated: Wednesday 2 December 2015

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