Non-Government Journals

The State Library holds many Western Australian serial titles produced by individuals, businesses and companies, clubs and associations, professional bodies, churches, Rotary and Apex, unions, etc. These can be in the form of annual reports, newsletters, yearbooks, or magazines. A small selection can be found below and others can be located by searching the State Library Catalogue.

  • Western Australia Post Office Directory [microform]
    Published from 1893-1949 (except 1943 & 1948), they are divided into four main sequences listing postal addresses by town and in the metropolitan area by street, an alphabetical listing by surname, a trade directory and a series of directories of certain professions. The Post Office Directories have been digitised and are available on-line.
  • Studies in Western Australian History
    Published irregularly from 1977 to date by the History Department of the University of Western Australia, they contain many scholarly articles relating to various aspects of WA history.
  • The Western Australian Racing Calendar
    Published from 1890 to date (1985-1999 as Racing Calendar, 1999-2005 as Racing Western Australia and 2005 to date as Racing ahead WA: thoroughbred racing calendar), they contain details of race meetings, items of interest to the racing industry and lists of bookmakers, bookmakers' clerks, jockeys, apprentices, etc.
  • Early Days
    Published from 1927 to date by the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, they contain articles from Society members and non-members on various aspects of WA history.
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia
    Published from 1914 to date, they contain articles on various aspects of WA from a science perspective, such as geology, geography, natural history, etc.
  • The Architect
    Published from 1939 to date by the Western Australian Chapter of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, they contain articles on various aspects of the architecture of WA.
  • Westerly
    Published quarterly from 1956 to date by the University of Western Australia Press, they contain articles on literature, poetry and short stories, chiefly by Western Australians.
  • Brief
    Published from 1974 to date by the Law Society of Western Australia, they contain articles relating to law and the legal profession.
  • The Football Budget : Official Organ of the Western Australian National Football League
    Published 1936-1996 (1997 as Real Footy, 1998-2001 as Football WA and 2001-2007 as Football Budget), these provide details of Western Australian National Football League matches and players.
  • Western Impact
    The official organ of the Methodist Church in WA, it was published from 1977 to date (from 1899-1977 as Western Methodist).
  • The Listening Post
    Published from 1921 to date by the Returned Services League of Australia, Western Australian Branch, this serial contains articles of interest to the Servicemen and women of WA.
  • Pastoralist and Grazier / Pastoralists' Association of Western Australia
    Published from 1925-1986 (from 1986-1995 as Rural Update), this contains information relating to, and of interest to, the farming community of WA.
  • Australia's Mining Monthly
    Published from 1984 to date (from 1981-1984 as Mining Monthly), this contains articles relating to mining in WA.
  • Astronomy (Western Australian ed.)
    Published from 1993 to date in the Eastern States, this is a complete guide to the night sky over WA. It has a monthly guide and a guide to the solar system, including the sun, moon, planets, comets and meteor showers.
  • Newspaper House News
    Published from 1954-1988 by Western Australian Newspapers, this was an in-house publication relating to The West Australian and its staff.
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Page last updated: Tuesday 23 November 2010

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