The State Library holds many books relating to the military history of Western Australia. These include references to British forces stationed in Western Australia 1829-1863, Volunteer forces raised in Western Australia 1861-1900, the South African War, World War I (especially Battalion histories), World War II and Vietnam. A small selection can be found below and others can be located in the State Library Catalogue.

Our Military Ancestors : a Guide to Sources in the J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History and the State Archives of Western Australia / by Glenda Oakley
Published in 1991, this is a guide to military sources in the Battye Library and the State Records Office.

The Military Establishment in Western Australia 1829-1863 / by E.S. & C.G.S. Whiteley
A typescript written in 1970, it provides a good account of the detachments of various British regiments stationed in WA 1829-1863.

The Coast Defences of Western Australia, 1826-1963 : a Study / by R.K. Glyde
Printed in 1991, this provides a worthy account of the various coastal defences used in WA 1826-1963.

The Veterans : a History of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia, 1850-1880 / by F.H. Broomhall
This book provides a history of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in WA 1850-1880 together with brief biographical details of its members.

Muskets and Drills : an Account of the Volunteer Corps raised in Western Australia in 1861 / by James Ritchie Grant
This work describes the various volunteer forces raised in WA in 1861 together with details of the men involved.

Western Australian Contingents to the South African War / prepared by J. Burridge
Published in 1972, it provides details of the various WA contingents who fought in the Boer War, including service and lists of the men involved.

Eggs-A-Cook : the Story of the Forty-Fourth : War, as the Digger Saw It / by C. Longmore
Published in 1921 and as a facsimile in 1985, this book tells the story of the 44th Battalion in World War I.

Westralian Cavalry in the War : the Story of the Tenth Light Horse Regiment, A.I.F., in the Great War, 1914-1918 / by A.C.N. Olden
Published in 1921 and as a facsimile in 1985, it tells the story of the Tenth Light Horse Regiment in World War I.

Broome's One Day War : the Story of the Japanese Raid on Broome, 3rd March 1942 / by Mervyn W. Prime
Published in 1992, it tells of the Japanese air raid on Broome on 3 March 1942 and the missing diamonds mystery.

Fremantle's Secret Fleets : Allied Submarines Based in Western Australia During World War II / by Lynne Cairns
Published in 1995, it tells of Fremantle's role as a submarine base during World War II.

On the Homefront : Western Australia and World War II / edited by Jenny Gregory
This work, published in 1996, examines how ordinary people in WA responded to World War II and its aftermath.

Fleeting Attraction : a Social History of American Servicemen in Western Australia during the Second World War / by Anthony J. Barker & Lisa Jackson
An examination of the social impact of the arrival of American servicemen to WA during World War II.

Catalinas on the Swan River- Perth, 1942-1945 / by Avis M. Koenig
Printed in 1994, this book tells the story of the United States Navy Catalinas based at the Swan River, Perth 1942-1945.

Aborigines and the Defence Forces in Western Australia in World War II / by Brian Willis
A thesis submitted to the University of Western Australia in 1995 which discusses the role played by Indigenous people in the armed forces in World War II.

For God, King and Country : the Story of Old Guildfordians who have Distinguished Themselves in the Wars of the 20th century / edited by Peter Firkins
Published in 1998, it provides service details of those ex-students of Guildford Grammar School who served in the Australian armed forces in the 20th century.


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