The State Library holds many books relating to the story of gold in Western Australia - exploration, mining, the history of goldfields and goldfields towns, etc. A small selection can be found below and others can be located in the State Library Catalogue. Also see our Guide to Gold.

Dolly Pot / edited by P.J. Bridge
Published in 1987, this is a collection of reminiscences of pioneer prospectors published in the "Dolly Pot" column of The Western Mail 1936-1942.

Fields Gold : a Story of the Yalgoo Goldfields / Alex Palmer
Published in 1981 and reprinted in 1991, it tells the history of the Yalgoo goldfields.

Golden Days : being Memoirs and Reminiscences of the Goldfields of Western Australia / by Jules Raeside
First published in 1929, this 1996 facsimile provides Raeside's view of life on the WA goldfields in the early years of the 20th century.

Glint of Gold : a Story of the Goldfields of Western Australia and the Men who found them, especially the Prospectors, and One Prospector known to his Mates as Diorite / by Malcolm Uren
First published in 1948, this 1980 reprint tells the story of prospectors, gold and how the goldfields of WA were found.

Gold at Peak Hill / by P.R. Heydon
Published in 1991, this documents the story of the town of Peak Hill along with anecdotes told by men who were at the first "gold rush" to Peak Hill.

Gold and Typhoid : Two Fevers : a Social History of Western Australia, 1891-1900 / by Vera Whittington
Published in 1988, this documents the effects of gold discovery and typhoid on WA 1891-1900.

Gold on the Murchison : a Tale of Twin Towns, Cue and Day Dawn, of People, Progress and Gold / by P.R. Heydon
Published in 1986, this tells the story of Cue, Day Dawn and Big Bell and the part the towns and their people played in the development of Murchison gold.

Golden Destiny : the Centenary History of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia / by Martyn and Audrey Webb
Published in 1993, this centenary history of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia provides an in-depth history of the Kalgoorlie gold rush.

The Mile that Midas Touched / by Gavin Casey & Ted Mayman
Published in 1964 and reprinted in 1968, this documents the history of Kalgoorlie 1893-1968.

Nannine by the Lake / by P.R. Heydon
Published in 1990, this documents the story of the first township on the Murchison Goldfields, the finding of gold and the later controversy surrounding its discoverers.

Payne's Find / by Alex Palmer
Published in 1988, this book documents the story of the town of Payne's Find, one of WA's most isolated towns and the only survivor of the towns which once dotted the Yalgoo Goldfield.

Gold & Ghosts : a Prospector's Guide to Metal Detecting and History of the Australian Goldfields / D.W. de Havelland
Published in 1985-1986, this two volume set provides the history of gold towns, fields and mines in WA and also provides tips for metal detecting in WA.

White Feather : the Story of Kanowna / by Margaret Bull
Published in 1987, this provides a social history of the old Goldfields town of Kanowna.

Youanmi : a Story of Murchison Gold / by J. Hooper
Published in 1987, this documents the history of the town of Youanmi, the people who lived in it and the fortunes over the years of the Youanmi Gold Mine.

Londonderry the Golden Hole : 1892-1992 / by Austin Sprake
Published in 1991, this book commemorates Bayley and Ford's famous gold discovery at Coolgardie in 1892.


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