Western Australian Books

The State Library holds the world's premier collection of books relating to Western Australia. Legislation required that one copy of each book published in the State be lodged with the State Library as the legal deposit copy. Usually a second copy is acquired for public use and the first copy becomes the preservation copy. Items published outside the State containing material relating to Western Australia or by Western Australian authors are also acquired.

There are over 85,000 Western Australian book titles held in the Battye Library. The book collection includes not only Western Australian history, but the full range of subject fields from computing to geology, biography, politics, cooking, etc. Particular strengths include rare books, biographies and autobiographies, town or local government area histories, literature, agriculture, the environment, Indigenous/European relations and flora and fauna. Books can be found by searching the State Library Catalogue.

Highlights of the Collection

The breadth of the State Library's Western Australian book collection can be seen from these highlights.

Books published in other States and overseas can be found on the first and second floors of the State Library.

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Page last updated: Wednesday 1 September 2010

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