Western Australian Maps

The State Library aims to collect a copy of every new map produced in Western Australia and is a legal deposit library for all Government and private publishers. Extensive collections of original cartographic and architectural plans and drawings produced by Lands & Surveys, Public Works, Government Railways and other state government agencies are held, many of which date back to colonial times.

A comprehensive collection of older state and colonial maps is held together with pre-settlement and exploration maps. Some 30,000 sheets are held in the collection. The collection includes topographic, geological, cadastral, road and tourist maps and maps of many specialist themes, including a limited collection of aerial photographs. 

Access to the Collection

Access to the published collection of maps and plans is via the State Library Catalogue and some card catalogues and indexes in the Battye Library. Full holdings of map series are usually shown on index maps kept in the library. Access to archival plans and drawings is through Archive Notes and the Series Registration System in the State Records Office.

Current Australian topographic series are duplicated in the Social Sciences map collection. A complete current set of Australian nautical charts is also kept in that collection.

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Page last updated: Tuesday 23 November 2010

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