WA Collections


Ephemera are the transient documents of everyday life, such as brochures, pamphlets and leaflets.


The State Library welcomes the donation of material (especially Western Australian material) to the State's collections.


The State Library holds the world's premier collection of books relating to Western Australia with over 85,000 titles.


A serial publication is any newsletter, circular, journal or magazine whether regular or irregular in frequency. Over 15,000 Western Australian serial titles are held.

WA Newspapers

Nearly 900 Western Australian newspaper titles are held by the State Library, ranging from the manuscript newspapers of the early 1830's up to currently published titles.


A comprehensive collection of maps relating to Western Australia is held, ranging from pre-settlement and exploration maps to current topographical maps.

Film and DVD

The State Library is responsible for collecting Western Australia's motion picture history. This includes government and privately-made films, videos and DVDs as well as newsreels, commercial and educational films.

WA Music

Western Australia's rich musical heritage is collected and fostered by the State Library. The collection contains sound recordings, sheet music, books, serials, ephemera, videos and DVDs, photographs, oral histories and websites.

WA Authors & Illustrators

Western Australia is home to many talented authors and illustrators for ages and in all genres.

Legal Deposit

Information on Legal Deposit (a statutory provision requiring publishers to deposit copies of their publications with the State Library of Western Australia) and how publishers, including Government Agencies, may comply with the regulations.

Private Archives

Private archives are non-governmental archives, and are the records of businesses, churches, clubs and associations, and individuals.

Oral Histories

The State Library has one of the largest collections of oral histories in Australia. Interviews with over 7,000 Western Australians are held.


The State Library's Pictorial Collection covers all aspects of the State's history, and consists of photographs, postcards, slides, albums, glass negatives, illustrations and art works.

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Page last updated: Tuesday 25 January 2011

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